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Dress with Intention

Research says that color can affect mood, behavior and stress levels.

How colors affect your behavior, mood and impression on others, is called Color Psychology.

Colors are always special and symbolize liveliness and represents feelings, perceptions, emotions, personality, psychological traits, disposition of feelings etc.

Color codes a message in it, like white color symbolizes innocence and purity. There are some psychological consequences of clothing, and clothing expresses something about the wearer…………and it’s all about the color psychology. 

Let’s take a look at the psychological effects behind fashion’s most popular colors.

1. Black: Black reflects authority, power, mystery and professionalism. The features of black in psychology are strong; it absorbs all the energy coming towards you. It gives a mysterious appeal and stays in fashion trends constantly.
2. Red: Red has always been known to captivate people. The color reflects energy, power and strength. Red carries so much authority as a color. The fashion trends always embrace red as this bold color looks beautiful on every individual. Red can be adorned at a place where you want to grab attention and look powerful.
3. Blue: Blue is another powerful color, however opposite to red, it carries calm and relaxed mental and physical vibes. Blue gives people a sense of trust and loyalty. Blue suggests “knowledge, power, integrity, and seriousness. It evokes a sense of calmness while stimulating creativity.” The color causes the body to discharge calming chemicals. It also stimulates loyalty and concentration. The color blue has a soothing mental effect. It is the color of crystal clear communication. It is best to adorn for interviews, presentations or meetings as it signals confidence and reliability.


4. White: The color white is said to be the absorption of all colors. It creates a protective barrier around itself that seems to prohibit the contact. White color is a complete reflection. White attracts reliable people who enjoy the freedom and are optimistic about life. It is neutral, and rarely repels others. It can be adorned when to encourage forgiveness or if you’re feeling guilty about something.


5. Brown: Brown can stimulate the feelings of stability and strength, after all that could be more solid than the color of the rock itself. The color is also considered to be supportive, depicting reliability, strength and stability. It is said, that the people who adorn brown frequently are respectful ,conservative , and look for peace and stability in life.


6. Violet: The color has spiritual qualities as it encourages deep contemplation and meditation. The color violet is a shade that develops one’s relation with the higher self. It is a color of spiritual powers. Violet has always been a color of royalty. The color is highly introversive, and the people who wear violet more often are known to be emotional and sensitive.  Violet lovers are passionate too at the same time.


7. Yellow: Yellow is a color associated with happiness and laughter. Yellow is the most active one. It is stated that the color is mostly adorned by active, adventist and creative people.


8. Pink: The color pink is a significant one in terms of psychology. It represents the principles of feminine and the survival of the species, it is said to be a nurturing color. According to psychologists, people who are fond of pink are optimistic and romantic. They appreciate kindness in life. As it gives a playful vibe, Pink is suitable to adorn in parties or social events.
9. Orange: The color is mostly associated with ambition; it is because it marks the dawn of each new day. People, who like orange believe in taking risks, are not fond of monotony, are prudent and ambitious. You can adorn the color orange for friendly energy during networking or hosting.


10. Green: The color is so soothing that your eyes do not need any adjustments to process it. A color that symbolizes reassurance, is the color of harmony. Green is the color that pleases your eyes the most. It symbolizes balance. The color green reflects the kind and caring personality of the person. Green color can be adorned for calming during or after a stressful period.

Primary  colors— red, blue, yellow, and green, relate respectively to the body, the mind, the emotions, and the essential balance between these three. The blog may have helped you to understand how you can connect the positive effects of color to be intentional every day. What does the color you’re wearing say? 

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